How Can A Christian Live In A Fallen World?


The earth is getting darker with more sin and disasters each day.

There are questions about what is happening in the world that people seem to be asking everyday. The Book of Revelation has the answers.

  • What is happening to our world?
  • How can a Christian live in a fallen world that is so corrupt and full of sin?
  • What is the Book of Revelation?
  • Is it history?
  • People ask if it’s a book of prophecy – is it?
  • Many people say that it is just a book, and furthermore, that it was written by a nobody, sometime in the distant past?
  • Does it tell us about heaven? Or, perhaps hell?
  • The future? The past? Or the present?

Yes, it is about all of the above questions and more. Read the Book of Revelation for answers.

Two things I know for sure. One is that Revelation is a book about Jesus Christ and the Church. And, secondly, right now the world needs Jesus! In other words, yes a Christian can live in a fallen world.

Why should we study Revelation?

  • It’s a book of God and so we should read it.
  • According to Revelation1:3 anyone who reads the Book of Revelation will be blessed by God.
  • Many people are often interested in the events of the earth’s last days . If you have the knowledge, you could help them understand the end times.

At present I am working on my previous posts that need updating. However, I will also begin posting on the Book of Revelation and include other posts from different scriptures that pertain to this topic. They can be found in the post section under the title Revelation of Jesus Christ.

I will start at the beginning with Revelation 1 and continue until I reach Revelation 22. While you may disagree with my interpretation on some points; my only intention is to pass along the knowledge that I have accumulated.

I pray that my thoughts may be a springboard for you. Furthermore, please read the Book of Revelation yourself. You will be blessed by God and as a result, you will gain the knowledge to help yourself and possibly others.

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