Revelation of Jesus Christ

The Book of Revelation is arranged into 3 parts.
“Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter.

Praise Given for
The Revelation of Jesus Christ

The Revelation of Jesus Christ is found in last book in the Holy Bible.

There are many other scriptures in the Bible that support the Book of Revelation. I will be posting them under the category page “How Can a Christian Live In a Fallen World?”

Purpose of the Book of Revelation:

To reveal the full identity of Christ and to give warning of things that will happen in the future. And, to give hope to believers.


God gave the Revelation to Jesus who is the author (Revelation1:1), and Jesus gave it to the Apostle John through an angel. John then penned the Revelation of Jesus Christ, found in the last book of the Bible.

Everyone has a choice to make.

There are only 2 choices – Jesus (Christian) or Satan (of the world). Which means, whichever you choose, will determine your final eternal destination.

You can choose to become a person “of the world”. With this choice during the end days you will come against those who refuse to take the Beast’s (Satan’s) mark. We need to remember that the people who stay “of the world” will eventually suffer eternal damnation.

Please carefully note:

The people who refuse the mark but who do not accept Jesus, will not receive eternal life. Only by accepting Jesus as your Saviour will you have life eternal with God!

Right now (2021) the earth is in a mess.

Unfortunately, the situation the earth is in now will get much, much worse. The fighting/wars, natural disasters and world events will continually grow in strength and be more horrific than anything we are experiencing today.

Despite colour, sex, race, or language; the hatred, racism, and dictatorship will be brought against every Christian, Israeli and those who refuse to take the Antichrist’s mark. Meaning every person without the Antichrist’s mark, have an extremely high percentage of being captured and killed.

However, of the three groups, a Christian doesn’t need to worry. God will give them the strength to stay strong and endure. The unmarked people and the Jews do not have that promise. Remember, it is only the Christian that is given assurance of strength throughout the Tribulation period and then eternal life with God!

A world dictator will soon emerge!

The eventual end of this world (as we know it) will consist of 7 years of tribulation. A man will emerge and will be successful making a covenant with the Jews, bringing peace to Israel.The Jewish people will be happy that they can finally live in peace. When the covenant is signed, the 7 years of the Tribulation period begins.

However, 3 ½ years later, the real side of this man will emerge. He will become a dictator; more depraved than those we are seeing today.Further more, he will become the one and only World Leader. At this point, he will close down all of the religious establishments and will get rid of anything associated with them. He will take over the (recently built) Temple in Jerusalem and use it for people to come and worship him.

During the last 3 1/2 years of the 7-year tribulation, many people (not Christians) will unfortunately believe the dictator/Antichrist to be the Saviour of the world and will follow him. By admiring and worshipping him, they are accepting that the Antichrist is god.

He will become so charismatic that his people will fall in love with him. He will order them to take his mark to show their commitment to him.

Please do not take his mark!

Once taken, the mark can never be reversed. In other words, the people following the Antichrist will be doing Satan’s bidding! Those who refuse the Antichrists mark, will be sought out and persecuted. His followers will enjoy chasing and hurting unmarked people. Then, when an unmarked person is found, they will be taken to the One World Government buildings to be killed.

Although this sounds like a horror story, it is the way of the world that is coming soon. Without the mark nothing can be bought or sold. Christian’s, Jews and those without the mark, will have to go underground and if found will be killed.

It will be a scary place for the Christian’s, Jews and the unmarked people. The world will become a horrific place to live. However, and this is the best part, if you are a Christian before the Tribulation arrives, you will be taken alive by Jesus in an event known as the “Rapture”. And you will live “in heaven” with him, eternally. Whereas, the people who have the “Mark of the Beast” (Dictator/Antichrist) are setting their future of eternal damnation.

Furthermore, if you become a Christian during the Tribulation, God will give you the strength to endure everything happening during the end days. And upon death, you will be with Jesus immediately for evermore! Hallelujah! Don’t put off repenting and accepting Jesus believing that you will have time to at a later date. There will be many ways in which you may suddenly die during the Tribulation period. That is to say, there will be several extraordinary natural disasters taking place in which most of the people on earth will die from.

It’s a Christian’s duty to tell you The Revelation of Jesus Christ

The last days are drawing nearer and will soon be upon us. That is why so many Christians are attempting to get the WORD out today. That is the reason for this post. We, as Christians, have a duty to spread the message.

Yes, the tribulation will be horrific but, it will end. Following that will come judgement of the world. At that time Jesus will open the Book of Life which determines your final destination, depending on whether your name is written in the Book of Life.

Every person has been told that to receive eternal life, Jesus is the only way! God has allowed all people the free-will on how to live their lives and to make their own choice of where they will spend eternity. I am praying that you choose Jesus to be your Saviour and receive eternity with Him.

The End Days are coming soon. But, right now, at this point, there is still time for everyone to be saved! The time to repent is drawing to a close. I encourage you to read the Book of Revelation in it’s entirety… and ask Jesus to be your LORD and SAVIOUR!