Pray for the Armour of God

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My Heavenly Father,

It is my desire to wear the armour of God today and everyday. I have confessed my sins to you and you have blessed me with righteousness and mercy and I am clean and ready to put on the armour of God

Gird my loins with the belt of truth. The words of God. Allow me to read the word every day to fill the well within me, with knowledge of you Lord.

Extend over my body the breastplate of righteousness. The purity of God. Thank you Father for cleansing me of my sins.

Shod my feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace. I have peace wherever I go. People will feel my peace and take a part of that peace. My peace shall continue to grow and spread. I walk covered with the blood of Jesus and can call upon peace over any situation in Jesus name.

I take up the shield of faith. It extinguishes all the fiery darts of the evil one. I have faith that The Lord is the one and only God. There is no other.

Allow me to put on the helmet of salvation. I have the mind of Christ. I think like Christ, I speak, I hear, I see like Christ. Because of what Jesus did for me on the cross, I am the extension of Christ on earth.

I hold in my hand the sword of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit reminds me of the words of God that I need in any given situation.

And prayer, thank you Lord for prayer. Allow me to pray continuously all day. Let The Holy Spirit bring to mind the words of God that I have accumulated in the belt of truth. I can pray for myself, my family, my friends, strangers and others. I can pray over situations like marriages, parenting, finances, health, etc. I can pray for countries, governments, situations and well anything. I can pray in the Spirit, and the Holy Spirit helps me in my endeavours, reminding me of the promises and words of God. Prayer makes satan a defeated foe.

Thank you a Father for the armour of God. I am now standing strong and well equipped to face the day and the trials that the enemy may try to bring against me or my loved ones. I will go forth today, knowing that these fights are not with flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of darkness. These battles are fought in the heavens. I will stay alert, at ready with my armour intact, ready to use your Words at any given moment.. Thank you Father for covering me and giving me the authority over the enemy, in the name of Jesus. I do not rejoice that I have this authority, but that my name is written in the Lamb’s book of life.

In the precious name of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, I pray.

Amen. Hallelujah!