Prayer – Faith In God’s Power

Picture of folded hands ready to pray. Lord God has made it possible that every person knows how to pray.
Faith in God’s power through prayer

Why have I entitled this page Prayer – Faith in God’s power?

Prayer is a solemn expression of faith in God’s power and, it is our direct line of communication with Him. By praying we are showing God that we have faith in him to listen our prayers. Prayer gives us an outlet to talk and know we are heard. When we are in need, upset, angry or in desperation, we are given a peace that passes our understanding. In our joyful times, we can go to the Lord with thanks and gratitude. It is our faith that he hears us that keeps us connected to Him.

Everyone can pray!

God has made it possible that every person knows how to pray.

If God didn’t hear sinners prayers, we would never be saved. Throughout the Bible there are many examples of God listening to sinners. There are even cases of God initiating the conversation. Plus, Jesus talked and mingled with un-repented people throughout his entire time on earth.

With that being said, God will not respond to those who are indulging in evil and refuse to repent but does respond to those who are not proud and stubborn. (Proverbs 1:28-32, 28:9-10) Read complete chapters here:

There are many components of prayer.

  • Praise him (give tribute, honour, glorify, extol)
  • Thank God (show gratitude, be grateful, acknowledge him)
  • Make a request for help (appeal, make application, entreaty, petition)

In the same way, we go before him with:

  • Confession (declaration or admission of guilt)
  • Supplication (petitioning, appealing or requesting)
  • Intercession (mediation, negotiation, arbitration)

Prayer is not all about us talking to God.

We need to have a two-way relationship with the Lord, that involves talking and listening. However, as God’s children we should also glorify him with thanks, worship and praise him through prayer.

How can I hear God?

  • Go somewhere where you can block out all other distractions and noises
  • Be open and ready to hear his voice
  • Draw near to him – you can start by singing, praying or praising him and then sit still waiting for him to talk to you. He will so, expect it!
  • God uses a tiny voice inside of us. Some people will hear audibly however, most others will “hear” by thoughts or images, etc.

The best part of knowing, praising and following God is the peace we receive. The empty space in our body is filled with joy and love. As a result, when we pray we are having direct communication with the Creator of all good things. He leads and guides throughout our lives here on earth right into everlasting life with him.

Furthermore, when we glorify our Father outwardly, others will see our love for him and will see his love for us. Quite possibly, they will want the peace, joy and love you emit.

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