Pray For All Those In Authority

1 Timothy 2

Prayer is very important!

The author, Paul, is stressing (through a letter to Timothy) first things first – pray different types of prayers on behalf all people, throughout the world! (Pray earnestly, pray for ourselves, pray for others and give thanks to God).

Paul has shown us that it is very important to pray for governments, leaders and for all those in authority. God has created an order and it is our duty to follow the rules and regulations set out by our Governments, etc. Because the rules are set by man, every high ranking official should have Godly morals such as; great respect, reverence, wisdom, knowledge, goodness, affection, submission, gratitude, obedience and honesty; because these are the main virtues needed if we want to live an orderly, quiet and peaceful life. Unfortunately many of those in position of authority do not know you or have any kind of respect for you God.

Regardless, it is still your desire that ALL men come before you for salvation, to learn your ways and become a child of God.

Father, you can accomplish anything/everything on your own, without our help. However, you do not want us to be puppets at your beck and call, so you have chosen to make Christians a part of the solution. By praying for others, our hearts our opened and love, joy and peace can pour out, just the way you intended.

Through knowledge in you Lord, many can find salvation and it may all start with a prayer!

thprayHeavenly Father

I thank you for the privilege of praying for others. It helps me to take the focus away from myself and place it on someone else and their needs.

I give you thanks for the people in authoritative positions that already know you. We need strong Governments headed up with people that can hear your voice and can be willingly led in their decision making and in the ways they run their countries.

At present, we are living in a world where everyone doesn’t play by the same rules. Many worship gods who can’t hear or help them and yet they KILL in the name of their gods. However, Christians willingly DIE in your name God. All men need to know you Lord, the one true God and prayer can make that happen!

Father, may the leaders of all countries be touched by the Holy Spirit. May the veil be lifted and they see and acknowledge that there is only one true God and that Jesus is his Son. May their eyes and hearts be opened and may they repent and accept Jesus into their lives. Once the leaders have accepted you, the love of the Lord will quickly flow into many others.

Father, I know that our days are running short before Jesus comes in the heavens. That means that many leaders (and their followers) may not turn to you in time, but Lord, many will and it’s those we need to pray for.

I ask that you would bless me with the strength to always take a stand for you. I know that the enemy can work through me just as quickly and easily as he can anyone else, so please Lord watch over me, cover me with the armour of God and keep me close to you, as I work, live and extol your name! I am so very blessed Lord to already know you.

I pray In The Holy name of Jesus Christ who is my Lord and Saviour.

Amen. Hallelujah!


Knee-Mail to God

Philippians 4-6-7

First let’s look at the words prayer and supplication.


Prayer is a privilege and an obligation of the Christian where we communicate with God.

Prayer is how we convey our confession (1 John 1:9), requests (1 Tim. 2:1-3), intercessions (James 5:15), thanksgiving (Phil. 4:6), etc., to our holy God. We are commanded to pray (1 Thess. 5:17).
There is nothing that we may bring before God that we shouldn’t. God wants us to talk to him about everything.


Although it is a noun, supplication comes from the Latin verb supplicare, which means “to plead humbly.” While a supplication is often thought of as a religious prayer (it is used 60 times in the Bible), it can logically be applied to any situation in which you must earnestly ask or implore someone in power for help or a favor.

Supplication is a prayer where we ask God for something or to do something specific. Many times we lose out because we haven’t gone before our Father and asked.

God always has the knowledge of what we’ve done or need or want. He already knows about our requests while we are still in the thinking stages. So where the verse says “Let your requests be known unto God” it’s not for his benefit, but for ours. It is his will (intention) that we are participants in our own lives.

We need to remember that our prayers and supplications should be given with thanksgiving, not with whining or demands, but we are to ask with heartfelt love and praise.

God wants us to have true peace. We are not to worry about anything, nor be anxious. Everything boils down to one of two areas; love or fear. Love is of God and fear is of the enemy. Fear is sin!

If we are afraid, where does God fit into the scenario? The enemy loves for us to be unhappy, scared or apprehensive. What can we do in situations of fear? Turn immediately to God and he will bless us with his peace that passes understanding.


Heavenly Father,

Thank you Lord that you actually want to be with me during every step and every adventure that I will experience while on this earth. As I draw closer to you, I will grow in you. Please remind me to talk to you about everything; with prayer and praise.

Thank you that as your child, I will enjoy your peace when times of worry, unhappiness and fear come upon me. I won’t, perhaps, have understanding of why a certain situation has come along but I will know that, when asked, you will bless me with your peace that passes my understanding.

Many times however, in tough situations, I forget to pray. Many times in gladness I forget to praise you. Fortunately you never forget to be with me. Lord please help me to make it my habit to always be in prayer to you, so that in all situations I will immediately turn to you first.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray.


Requests / Supplication – Psalms 86: 4-6

Psalms 86 4-6

David has done something wrong and is crying out to God for forgiveness. He knows that the Lord he worships is the one and only true God, the only one that can forgive his sins.

Even though David is feeling the weight of sin, he is rejoicing that he belongs to God and is thankful knowing that God will listen to him in his time of need.

David acknowledges that the other gods of the world are not worth speaking to. They have no ears to hear, no eyes to see, no hearts to love and no mercy to give.

He knows that by bowing to his God in true reverence, he can ask for forgiveness and because he asks with a heavy heart, has repented and is a part of the Lord’s family, David will find the mercy he is seeking.

Heavenly Father

I thank you that you are my God; the same God that David worshipped!

Thank you Father that when I sin, it immediately sits wrong in my heart. The Holy Spirit starts nudging me to come to you asking for mercy.

As long as I confess my error and my sins to you with a truly repentive heart, you will hear me and forgive.

How blessed am I that I know you and am a member of your family. I could easily have been led down many different paths. Ones that lead to idols who have no ears to hear me or eyes to see me or hearts to love me or mercy and forgiveness to give me.

Thank you Father that like David, you can see inside me and know that when I ask for mercy, I am asking with true repentance and my full being.

I thank you Father that you love me so very much. I love you for who you are; my Father, my God, the majestic Lord, the One and only.

You are the creator of all good things and I am blessed to be your child.

In the name of my Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray.



Requests – Psalms 28:

Psalm 28:

6 Blessed be the LORD, because he hath heard the voice of my supplications.

7 The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him. (KJV)

So the more we come and worship you, Father, the closer in spirit we get to you.

Because I am The Fathers child and I stay close to him, I can rest in him, knowing that he has heard my cries and prayers.

Because I know that He is involved in the outcome, whatever it is, it helps me stay focused on him, knowing that when I pray, he has heard me and the situation is in his hands. My job is to wait on him to show me my next step.

Am I someone special, that I am able to claim all of these things? Absolutely, I’m special because I am God’s child. Everyone who says “yes” when called can be a child as well and have the ability to stand peacefully in faith, waiting.

If I didn’t have that reassurance, I may go looking for other ways to meet my needs. Some of those choices may not be good, which over time would lead me directly into the enemies hands.

But I am thankful that I know God hear my prayers. The more I cry out in thanks and praise, the closer I become to him. So when everything boils down, God does not need our worship and praise, he just want us to draw closer to him so he can love us more as we learn to love him more.

We are to tell all the people how The Lord is our shield and how we can stand with trust and faith while we wait upon him.

As a loving Father, it then brings him great joy to help us. And it brings us great joy to bless his Holy name and sing praises to him.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you that when I pray or cry out to you, I know you have heard me. Thank you that I can wait upon you and your perfect timing.

I can stand strong, knowing that the situation is in your hands. Thank you Father that I will never go down into the pit because I will never fail to wait for you.

And during that time of waiting, I will lift my hands and my voice and I will praise you for who you are and how you are my strength and shield.

I don’t know when my prayers will be answered. I am not even assured that they will be answered in the way I would like them to be and sometimes my prayers will not be answered at all. But, I do know that whatever you do Lord, it will be in the perfect way and according to Your Will.

My heart will always be trusting you and regardless of the outcome, I will rejoice and continue to sing praises to you, so everyone will know what a wonderful, loving Father you are.

I thank you LORD that you are in my life and that you love me so much. I will bless your holy name, now and forever.

In the precious name of The Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray, with thanks.