The Many Ways of Prayer – Ephesians 6:18

Ephesians 6: 18

Paul had just finished giving the instructions of how a soldier should dress for a spiritual fight. Following that, (once suited up) came the time for prayer. So according to Paul, you put on the armour and then you pray. Prayer is a very important part of a spiritual fight, not to be missed.

The main job of the enemy (satan, devil, deceiver) and his host of demons (fallen angels) are to stop Christians from ascending to heaven and to obstruct our relationships with Jesus.

Satan is the prince of this world (for now) and his power is strong, so staying close to God and keeping our eyes open and prayers on our lips is a must. Although it seems as if Satan is in control, he is not in total control. God limits satan’s powers. However he and his army can still do much spiritual harm.

These enemies are unseen and come attacking Christians at any and all times. They are said to be in heavenly places which could possibly mean that they have all of the area between the stars (the heavens) and the earth in which to move around easily..

Paul warns us to be always suited up, ready for their attacks. How should we fight back? Paul says with prayer.

  1. Be ever ready at “all times” for prayer that may be needed.
  2. A) Public
  3. B) Private
  4. C) Meditational – meditating on God’s word
  5. D) Quick Prayer – as one author said “you hurl a prayer as a spear and then, it is done.”
  6. E) Emergency type of prayer – a forced prayer immediately comes from you, brought out by stress or circumstances.
  7. What is “praying in the Spirit?

It means pray in, with or by the means of the Spirit. It is to pray being led by the Holy Spirit when we need help (possibly when we need to be drawn closer to God). It could also be a time when we need the Holy Spirit’s guidance in what or how to pray (sometimes we are so flustered that our minds go blank). Also there are times when the situation requires that the Holy Spirit intercede for us.

  1. “With all prayers” refers to different kinds – pray alone, pray with family, in business, on the way to or from somewhere, in the heart without a voice or spoken with a voice from your heart and many, many other ways.
  2. “Supplication” is petitioning God earnestly for something (to plead humbly for another or yourself). This means to be continually in an attitude of prayer. Be observant of everything – what or who needs prayer. Be ready at any moment, anywhere prayer is needed. Many times Christians will pray in supplication when facing a temptation.
  3. “Make supplication for all saints” Pray for Christians
  4. “Preservation” watching. Being on guard, watch for the enemy to attempt to take your attention off God.

Heavenly Father;

I worship you Lord, today and every day. You are the almighty who is always in total control, thank you Lord that I never have to worry.

I love this verse! It tells me that I don’t have to be smart, I don’t have to have money, I don’t have to have an abundant of friends or giftings. Much like salvation, as long as I love you Lord, believe in You and ask you for direction, I am blessed with the gift of righteous prayer.

There are times that I need to use my own words to speak to you Father, but then there are times when the Holy Spirit speaks for me instead.

When I can’t seem to find the right words to pray (for a person or a situation), the Holy Spirit helps me. I can relax and be comforted that I have just prayed the perfect prayer for that person and/or situation.

On the other hand, I could feel a nudge to pray in the Spirit and be praying for a person or situation halfway around the world and I don’t even know who or what I am praying for, but you do.

There are so many facets to prayer. Father please help me to remain open, keep alert and ready to pray at any given time for any situation, whenever prayer is needed.

Thank you Father. May I always pray according to your will..

In the name of your son, Jesus Christ, I pray.


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