Jesus, our High Priest – Hebrews 4: 14-16

HEBREWS 4: 14-16

In Jesus’ time there were priests, high priests and great high priests. The great high priests were above all the others. Paul is saying that Jesus also carried the title of great high priest. The biggest difference is that Jesus was, still is and always will be, above all priests as he received his title from God.

The Jewish high priest did not lead the life of a normal man. He didn’t feel the grief and sorrow of the person who was asking for forgiveness. He was doing his job with an unfeeling heart.

However, Jesus, the Christ, the great high priest, lived a life just like the people of his time and like we do today. He was tempted, just like we are every day. He felt the type of emotions we feel. He lived in tougher times then than we do now. He felt pain, was beaten and hurt. He was despised for things he wasn’t even responsible for. Yes, his temptations were far greater than ours and he stood up to them, for you and for me.

The Jewish great high Priest would be allowed to enter into the holy of holies once per year with the animal’s blood of atonement to release man of his sins.

Through Jesus’s pure life and the blood he shed for us at his crucifixion, he was able to sprinkle atonement directly onto the mercy-seat, for everyone declared as a Christian.

Right now Jesus is in the heavens, at the right hand of God, ready to make intercession for man on a continual basis.

In the days before Jesus, people had to live by the laws of Moses to receive mercy. Those who did not abide by the laws of Moses died without mercy.

Paul is telling all who will listen, what will happen to those who reject the Son of God. Death. It will be the same for all those who have or are presently rejecting Jesus, (since his crucifixion). They will die without mercy.

He appeals to them to accept the free gift of life that Jesus willingly died for and to receive life.

I looked up the words mercy and grace

I understand that MERCY is something we receive when we’ve messed up and God is forgiving us, when we could actually be punished for our act. We can ask for mercy.

GRACE is something God gives us freely. We don’t deserve it, we can’t earn it, it’s not something that we will receive if we pray for it. We receive it unexpectedly from God. It’s a divine assistance given by GOD.

(My way of remembering)

Mercy=Messed up Me. I can ask for forgiveness

Grace=God Gives Generously. Divine assistance


You are a merciful and loving God.

I thank you that Jesus went to the cross for me. I thank you Father that He was born into this world as a man who felt the way man is tempted. I thank you Father that Jesus was not touched by those sins, enabling Him, that he could sacrifice himself as a pure lamb for the sins of the world.

Because of the way Jesus lived and what he did for mankind on the cross, I may now come before the throne of mercy and ask for forgiveness when I don’t deserve it all. Thank you merciful Father.

I am so very blessed to be living in a time and place where I can talk to you through the Son. Where I can read your Word for myself and know that it’s true. Where I can speak of my love for you, out loud, and not be killed for it. Where I can belong to a church and we can meet in a building. Some people must sneak around and have secret locations.

I ask you to bless the people who may not openly praise you Lord and keep them safe. May they continue to grow in number, spreading your Word.

Thank you Father for allowing me to live in this time period in a country where choices are free. May I repay you Lord by spreading the good news about Jesus Christ and by being your hands and feet.

In His glorious name I pray,