Luke 18:1

Every Person Knows How to Pray – Luke 18:1

Luke 18:1

  • [1] And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;
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Luke 18:1 Every Person Knows How to Pray
Luke 18:1

Luke 18:1 tells us that every person should be praying. Firstly, it should be pointed out that God has made it possible that every person knows how to pray. No matter what our religion or background, whether we are Christian or an atheist, or somewhere in between, God has placed inside each of us the knowledge of prayer. With that being said, he has also given us free will and so we have the choice to pray or not to pray.

Don’t Give Up In Prayer

Luke 18:1 tells us that we should always pray and not to faint. As a result, he is urging us to pray without ceasing and not to give up.

“Always to pray” (pray without ceasing) does not mean being in prayer continuously. In short, it means always being ready to pray at any given moment. Then throughout the day, we should be watching out for where the enemy tries to take over and control the situation. If we are at ready with prayer, then the enemy loses.

Seeing a situation that requires prayer or when we a have need, prayer should be our “go to”; that is, our first instinct. But, many of us turn to loved ones or friends and ask for help. Instead, we must learn to call out to our Heavenly Father first.

Always to Pray

While making breakfast we could be thanking God for the groceries in our refrigerator and for the money that bought the food. As well as for the job which gave us the money. If we happen to be in a position of little or no food in our home, then we can pray for the harvest that God will bring to us that day.

Apart from our own needs, we can pray for others. For example, when we see or hear an ambulance or fire truck siren, our first instinct should be to pray for that situation. Even though we don’t know details of the situation. We can also pray for friends, our military, our leaders, and our country. In the same way, Israel always needs our prayers!

What is Luke saying?

The idea Luke is trying to make is that there is always something to pray over. If we are in “constant” communication with our Father then the enemy’s strength is over-shadowed.

“Not to faint”. We should not give up; on or in prayer. Why? Because the enemy Satan hates prayer! In fact, it’s the one thing he can not win over. If he can convince us to quit praying then he is in a better position to control the situation.

Does this happen to you?

Let’s say our intention is to spend some time with the Lord today. What happens? Something else comes up. Perhaps the phone will ring or the kids will need help. Regardless, something always interrupt our prayers. Consequently, there will always be something to lead us away from spending time with God. And that is the enemy’s plan.

This is where Luke says “not to faint” meaning do not quit. This is the time to dig in our heals and stay strong and follow through. As a result, praying and keeping faith that God is in control, we will grow spiritually. And, as we grow in the Lord, the enemy’s strength in our lives is depleted.

Every Person Knows How to Pray
Luke 18:1
Luke 18:1

Heavenly Father

You are our strength, (Eyaluwth) and the Lord who is there (Jehovah-Shammah)

I ask that you would help me to pray every morning before I get into my worldly chores and events of the day. May I pray continuously all day and then again at bedtime. By doing that Father I will be drawn closer to you and the choices I make throughout the day will be better ones.

Keeping the enemy away

Also Lord, praying continuously, will keep the enemy at bay, because he will soon see that he is wasting his time with me. Hallelujah!

Thank you Father for prayer. Remind me that prayer is only half of the circle, I should always take the time to listen to you speaking to me. I ask you now, in the name of Jesus that you would help me to pray always and have me listen to you so that we may have a true friendship.

Thank you Father. For you, all the Glory!

In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen

Satan tempts us, not God. James 1:12-15 Faith is more precious than gold 1 Peter 1:6-9

JAMES 4:6-10

James 4:6-10 – Closer to God

James 4:6-10 – Draw closer to God and resist the devil.

  • [6] But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.
    [7] Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
    [8] Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.
    [9] Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness.
    [10] Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.
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Submit and draw closer to God

God gives grace! If we are willing to submit and draw closer to God and allow him to take the lead, we are blessed with grace. In that grace we are able to totally give ourselves over to God. However, He will not work in the people who believe it’s all about them (the proud).

Resist the devil – As soon as the natural person gets closer to God and truly gives their self over to him, they become his child. One of the wonderful gifts we receive from Almighty God is the authority to resist the devil. As strong as Satan is, he cannot overcome a Christian’s given authority and will flee at the name of Jesus.

Draw closer to God

James is telling the people they must stay close to God. The closer they are to him, the closer he will be to them. The same principles apply for us today. We must make a conscious effort to stay closer to God, following his lead. The flip side is that when we allow the enemy control, we are not living the life God intended for us.

Cleanse your hands

Because of Adam’s downfall in the Garden of Eden, we live in a world of sin. Therefore, it is very important for us to go before God; in the name of Jesus, confess and wash our hands of sin, and then receive God’s grace, his mercy and forgiveness.


We need our hearts to be purified. So many times we will only clean what we or others see. However it is very important to ask for God to search us, inside and out, to find whatever sins we may be hiding – possibly even from ourselves. Then we can take them before God, confess the sins and be purified through Jesus.


God has given us the right to make our own choices in the way that we live. However, it’s important for us to remember that we cannot serve two masters; it’s either the enemy’s we serve or God, our heavenly Father.

Be afflicted

Yes; a person living without the Lord may be enjoying life to the fullest, but there are eternal consequences. Without God’s presence, the worldly things that bring us joy, laughter and happiness are short lived and useless. James is telling us that it’s very important to let go of the worldly way of living and turn to God.

James is warning us that as we get closer to God, our sins will become more evident and we will feel convicted. This is a good thing! The need to lament, mourn, and weep will come upon us and we will feel the heaviness of the sin and will be crying out to God, to be rid of it.

Humble yourselves

As we go before God humbly, asking and receiving forgiveness, our Loving Father will wipe away our sins and then he will lift us up, giving us genuine love and happiness for eternity.

Draw closer to God

My prayer for James 4:6-10

The Lord my Shepherd (Yahweh Roi (Pronunciation: yah-WEH row-EE)

Thank you Lord, that when you called to me, I accepted your invitation and drew close to you. I then confessed my sins and made you the Lord and Ruler of my life. I have never looked back! The life I enjoy today with you by my side is more than I ever imagined. In you I have found peace, love, and joy.

Thank you Father for this message from James.

As I studied it this week, it was a reminder for me to always stay close to you God.

Search my heart Lord for those sins that could be deeply hidden inside me. Bring them to my mind so that I can confess with my mouth and have my heart purified.

The enemy is always standing right beside me, urging me to fall away from you, tempting me with all sorts of gifts and lies. Help me Lord to stay strong in Jesus, and resist the enemy.

If I am not living my life with you as my central authority, then I have no chance at resisting the devil. Please stay close to me and have the Holy Spirit convict me the moment I may drift towards the enemy’s territory.

I know Lord that as a Christian, my life will still be full of ups and downs.

I understand that I am not immune to bad things happening in my life. However, I do know that as your child, you will always be at my side; leading, helping and comforting me. Regardless of what is going on around me, help me to stand strong in you, covered by the Armour of God.

Thank you Father for your love, you grace, your mercy, and for all the wonderful gifts that I receive from you. I am thankful to you for sending your son Jesus and the Holy Spirit to earth to help us be the best we can be. May I always consciously and purposely choose you to lead my life.

For the glory to God and in the holy name of Christ, I pray.


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Yahweh Roi (Pronunciation: yah-WEH row-EE means The Lord is my Shepherd who watches over me night and day and leading me along the path of righteousness.