We are Not to Live by Our Own Merit? – Romans 8: 12-13

Romans 8: 12-13


Paul tells us that we (Christians) are in debt to God. He goes on to say that God is the one who gives us life and it is he that looks after us.

Paul emphasizes that we are not to live to the flesh or by our own ways. If we start to think and live in that way, then everything we do, we do on our own merit.

When that happens then we are saying that we don’t need God. We will become so conceited and proud that God won’t have a place in our lives anymore.

If we don’t stay in tune with the Holy Spirit, we begin to put ourselves in charge of our own lives. Through these types of thoughts and actions, we will fall away from the Lord quickly and die to self for eternity.

If we allow The Holy Spirit to be with us always; helping, guiding and leading us in the ways we are meant to go and if we listen and obey the Holy Spirit we will live for God for eternity.

Heavenly Father

I thank you for my life. Not only the life I am living here on earth but for my life, through salvation, my eternal life.

It pleases me to follow and give you the glory you deserve. If not for you Father, I would be lost forever.

Thank you that the Holy Spirit lives inside of me. Thank you for his leading and his teaching. I am so very blessed that I have him to guide me.

At his urging, I know where to go and how to act and he reminds me that all good gifts come from you Father. Thank you that the Holy Spirit leads me on the path of righteousness.

Thank you that you sent your Son to save me. I was a sinner, headed for death, but because of your Son’s sacrifice my soul is saved.

It is my honour and pleasure to thank you Lord for all you do and who you are. I am so very blessed to know you and of your love.

Because of you Father and your Son, Jesus and of the Holy Spirit I have the privilege of praising your mighty name now and for ever and ever.

In the precious name of Jesus of Nazareth, I pray.



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