Pulling Down Strongholds – 2 Corinthians 10: 3-5

For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh:

(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)

Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

Holy warfare IS:

Carnal weapons are NOT:  Physical violence, psychological manipulation.

So the definition of carnal worldly ways:  It does nothing good to fight a physical mental fight.  The best way to fight is through praising God, using good works, being mighty in God for pulling down stronghold (by using God’s divine power).   Prayer, always prayer using God’s words is the absolute best way to fight the enemy.

Paul is saying that although we walk as human beings, our biggest foes are not humans, but Satan and his spiritual forces.

Many fights are fought in the heavens for us, where our carnal weapons cannot help. God however has given us a way to help fight the battle. Since we cannot use our merely human carnal  (gratifying the flesh) weapons, God has given us special equipment to put on, called the “Armour of God”.

When in difficult situations, we humans have the habit of trying to fend for ourselves and because of that we usually end up in a condition/position worse than when we began.

The Bible teaches that as Christians, we are to use the weapons we’ve been given. When covered by the Armour of God, we are mighty, strong and able to stand up to the things that we can see (situations) and to those that are unseen (the enemy).

Much like the equipment a warrior wore many years ago, there are 7 items. However the Armour of God is very different. Each piece cannot be seen by humans but are clearly seen and felt by the enemy.

  1. Belt of truth – holds the words of God
  2. Breast plate of righteousness – cleanses us
  3. Gospel of peace – walk covered with peace regardless of situation
  4. Shield of faith – knowing, without doubt, that Jesus is the one and only true God and he will shield us
  5. Helmet of Salvation – through Jesus, we have authority over the enemy
  6. Sword of the Spirit – The Holy Spirit will remind us of Gods words when we need them
  7. Prayer – for ourselves, for others, for situations, for health, for finances, for marriages, etc.

Every morning, it’s important to start the day by asking God for the covering. With the Armour of God in place, we will be alert and ready to face the day’s challenges.

Every time we feel attacked, we can gain control of our emotions by using the Armour of God. A more in depth description can be found HERE.

By having this control, and using the Word of God, his armour, and the name of Jesus, the situation becomes reversed and authority is gained over the enemy.

God Almighty,

In today’s darkened world, the enemy is working twice as hard to dominate all people and situations.

He is attempting to convince everyone that you are not worth worshipping because he knows that his time of free reign on this earth is quickly drawing to a close. He’s hoping to get all Christians to turn away from you and desires that all people in the world would see him as king rather than you. Chaos is being unleashed now, more than ever, making it extremely important that as a Christian I need to watch for Satan’s lies and tricks and be ready at all times, dressed in God’s armour.

I realize that just because I am wearing armour, it doesn’t mean that I will never be persecuted or won’t have to endure Satan’s wrath. Sometimes bad things happen because the enemy is working in my life, trying to draw me away from you Lord. In both cases, it’s very important for me to stand strong and firm, protected by my armour, and let you deal with the situation.

I know Father that sometimes, I immediately start to worry when I know I shouldn’t. I am your child, through your son, Jesus Christ, and it’s important for me to give these worries over to you.

However, it can be hard to stay in my faith when everything around me looks hopeless, appearing like it will never be rectified. At this point, my faith and strength in you may start to fail and I will resort to my own methods.

The weapons I may use (worry, stress, anger, helplessness, depression, trying anything and everything, etc.) are useless and futile: whereas your weapons are mighty and will overcome everything.

Thank you Father for reminding me again how important it is to put on my armour each and every day. Yes, I know that by wearing it, I am not immune to bad or stressful times and I can’t even be assured that they won’t last long. However, I can be assured that everything happening in my life will be completed in your time and according to your will.

Knowing that you are always in control of every situation, I can rest assured that, with your armour intact, I will be able to give all situations over to you and then go about my day, in peace.

Thank you Father for always having my back and being with me through all the good times and the trials. I am so thankful.

In the name of the Son, Jesus Christ, I pray.


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