Receiving God’s Mercy – Psalm 66: 16-20

Psalms 66 16-20This Psalmist had been in trouble and when he asked for help, The Lord taught him how to confess his sins first and then led the Psalmist out of his trouble.

Many people, after their problems are gone, forget how The Lord helped them. This person didn’t forget.

God taught the Psalmist how to cleanse his soul of sin and in his happiness, he wants to share this knowledge.

He puts out a call to every person who knows The Lord to come and listen to his words. He wants to tell them the whole story of how he prayed for his sins to be taken away and then how God blessed him with answered prayers.

The most important point he makes is that sin must be cleansed from their souls for God to hear them. The cry for forgiveness must come from deep within them and not just off the tip of the tongue. If that were the case, God would not be listening nor answering prayers.

The Psalmist tells the people that when he cried out to God from deep within, asking for forgiveness, God did not hold back his mercy but cleansed him and then the Lord answered the Psalmist’s prayers.

God hears my prayer

Heavenly Father

You are the King of all kings and so worthy of my worship. I pray that I will tell everyone about your greatness and how you saved and made me into a better person. All the glory goes to you Lord.

Even though I am a Christian, sin will still come on me. Sometimes I am aware right away when I’ve done, said or thought something that is not pleasing to you Father. Other times I may be quite unaware of sin lingering in me.

I always want to be in line with you Lord, so I ask that you watch over me. If I start slipping in my walk, with you, in any way, I ask that the Holy Spirit would convict and reveal the sin to me , as they happen, so I can confess them right away.

However Lord, there could be iniquities, buried so deep inside, that I may not even be aware they exist. Please Lord, bring these to the surface so I can confess them. I want to make sure I am clean all through because I know that I can’t be in your presence if I am carrying any type of sin.

When I come before you for forgiveness, I know my prayer must come from deep within my heart and soul. If I just rattle off a quick “please forgive me” then I will not be cleansed and you will not hear me.

In this age, I am blessed more than the Psalmist in his time, because of the willing sacrifice Jesus made on the cross.

Jesus is now an advocate for me. If I truly ask for your forgiveness and mercy, my sins will be covered by the blood of Jesus and you will forgive me and draw me closer to you.

The Psalmist tells us that once cleansed, God answered his prayers. I know Father that just because I’m clean and have prayed for something, it’s not a guarantee that you will answer my prayers. However, I definitely have the confidence that you have heard me.

Help me to relax in you, regardless of how (and even if) my prayers are answered. Help me to remember that you are always in control. Whether my prayers are answered or not, help me to understand that it’s your will, not mine and you see the entire picture, at all times and you know what’s best.

Father, I do not want to be kept separate from you and that is what sin does so I pray right now and confess my sins to you, in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ…. (Confess)

Thank you for your mercy Lord. You have heard my prayers and I now consciously accept your forgiveness with thanks. I pray Lord, that everything that comes out of my mouth will exalt you.

Blessed be your name. I love you with my entire being and I thank you that you love me so much.

All the glory to You Father.

In Jesus’ name I pray.



When Chaos Comes – 2 Corinthians 5:7

2 Corinthians 5-7

We are placed in certain circumstances to grow and to learn. We don’t know the why’s or how’s but we need to accept that we will experience exactly what God wants us to learn.

This particular verse says that it doesn’t matter what our eyes are showing us. We need to be thankful (and keep smiling) whether we are in good or bad circumstances, remembering that our Holy Father is always in control of everything. If he has allowed certain situations to come into our lives, then there are very good reasons for them.


Heavenly Father

If only it could be so easy to walk by faith and not by sight! When I am in a position where everything is going smoothly, I can easily walk by faith.

However, as soon as chaos hits, the enemy jumps in immediately and starts whispering to me. He loves to expand on my worries. Pretty soon I find myself in a place that is so very far from you; a place of sadness, fear and sometimes close to panic.

Father, help me to be prepared for times like these. Remind me instantly to block those satanic thoughts. Remind me to immediately go to the Bible and look up verses that “fit” with my situation and then read them aloud. That way the enemy can hear my voice become confidant as I am filled with the Word of God.

Thank you Father that I CAN stand solidly on your Word!

Thank you Lord that I can depend on you, to catch me when I’m falling. You will help me stand upright and I will walk in faith with you and not with what my eyes and situations are showing me.

You are awesome in power God! I will always trust you completely, despite what my eyes see.

In the precious name of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, I pray.



Pray For All Those In Authority

1 Timothy 2

Prayer is very important!

The author, Paul, is stressing (through a letter to Timothy) first things first – pray different types of prayers on behalf all people, throughout the world! (Pray earnestly, pray for ourselves, pray for others and give thanks to God).

Paul has shown us that it is very important to pray for governments, leaders and for all those in authority. God has created an order and it is our duty to follow the rules and regulations set out by our Governments, etc. Because the rules are set by man, every high ranking official should have Godly morals such as; great respect, reverence, wisdom, knowledge, goodness, affection, submission, gratitude, obedience and honesty; because these are the main virtues needed if we want to live an orderly, quiet and peaceful life. Unfortunately many of those in position of authority do not know you or have any kind of respect for you God.

Regardless, it is still your desire that ALL men come before you for salvation, to learn your ways and become a child of God.

Father, you can accomplish anything/everything on your own, without our help. However, you do not want us to be puppets at your beck and call, so you have chosen to make Christians a part of the solution. By praying for others, our hearts our opened and love, joy and peace can pour out, just the way you intended.

Through knowledge in you Lord, many can find salvation and it may all start with a prayer!

thprayHeavenly Father

I thank you for the privilege of praying for others. It helps me to take the focus away from myself and place it on someone else and their needs.

I give you thanks for the people in authoritative positions that already know you. We need strong Governments headed up with people that can hear your voice and can be willingly led in their decision making and in the ways they run their countries.

At present, we are living in a world where everyone doesn’t play by the same rules. Many worship gods who can’t hear or help them and yet they KILL in the name of their gods. However, Christians willingly DIE in your name God. All men need to know you Lord, the one true God and prayer can make that happen!

Father, may the leaders of all countries be touched by the Holy Spirit. May the veil be lifted and they see and acknowledge that there is only one true God and that Jesus is his Son. May their eyes and hearts be opened and may they repent and accept Jesus into their lives. Once the leaders have accepted you, the love of the Lord will quickly flow into many others.

Father, I know that our days are running short before Jesus comes in the heavens. That means that many leaders (and their followers) may not turn to you in time, but Lord, many will and it’s those we need to pray for.

I ask that you would bless me with the strength to always take a stand for you. I know that the enemy can work through me just as quickly and easily as he can anyone else, so please Lord watch over me, cover me with the armour of God and keep me close to you, as I work, live and extol your name! I am so very blessed Lord to already know you.

I pray In The Holy name of Jesus Christ who is my Lord and Saviour.

Amen. Hallelujah!