When I Came to Christ

When I came to Christ,

Everyone who knows me, knows that I can’t understand a game, instructions or directions without someone else explaining to me how they work. That’s just the way I am and always have been. Studying scripture has been no different.

When I became a Christian at age 55, I asked others how they studied. Some said they go to Church to learn, others join Bible studies, some watch TV evangelists. Many join small groups. Still others said they get together in prayer meetings or go out for coffee with Christians and hold discussions. When asked, a number people said they didn’t do any studies on their own. They felt they really couldn’t understand the meanings of the scripture.. The people were satisfied learning at Church and sharing thoughts with others.

So I joined many, many groups

Being a first time Christian, I was thirsty for the Word. So, I happily joined all sorts of groups offered by the church. However, I still felt drawn to learn the Word of God through private study. I wondered “Why am I different than so many others. Was I jumping in with two feet, way too soon? Was I expecting too much from the scriptures? Or, and this was my worst thought, was I becoming a Bible fanatic?”. (I’ve since learned that’s ok!) Over the next couple of years I tried and tried to understand the Word by reading the Bible. However, it always seemed just beyond my grasp. Regardless I kept stumbling along on my own.

One day (after I had been a Christian for about 3 years) it finally dawned on me to ask The Lord for help. And he gave me understanding. He arranged for me to meet with a senior married Christian couple. They were more than happy to share their ways of study and their knowledge with me. To this day, we get together as often as time allows and enjoy our talks of the Lord and Scripture. Soon after that, our Heavenly Father also led me to different online sites and authors where I could easily understand the gospel. Oh my heart was so happy!

That was about 14 years ago

I still love studying God’s Word daily. Side note: It is not good practice to randomly pick out one piece of scripture. We need to read the entire chapter to make sure we have the whole picture. Sometimes we need to read more than the chapter and even go to other Books in the Bible or different versions of Bibles, to get the full meaning.

My daily method is, to first ask the Lord to give me meaning and direction during my study time. I start by picking a piece of scripture (usually from a site that suggests a verse of the day) and I read the entire chapter. Following that I go to many different authors, scholars and yes even novice people like myself to see what they have learned. If I feel any conflict, or have questions I return to the Father for a better understanding.

Following that I go back to a part or a verse that caught my attention and use that piece to dig in deeper by re-reading and meditating on it. Following that I write my own synopsis of the scripture and end with a prayer. The Lord has been so awesome helping me find methods that encourages me to learn, at my own speed and level of understanding that I wanted to share with you! My motto is… it’s the digging that finds the nuggets!”

I’ve let the posts lapse

Unfortunately I have let this site lapse for the past 3 years, but I am now back and will be posting again. To all the people who commented over the past 3 years, thank you for your comments and I am terribly sorry that I did not reply. Please be aware that I am in the process of updating this blog. I have removed the pictures and as I update there will be a new format. The posts that have a blue box surrounding the title of the page are the ones I have already updated. The rest I am working on. I didn’t want to close down the site while rereading and revamping the pages. Thank you for your understanding.

It’s in my heart to get back to “sharing the Gospel again. I pray that people will enjoy reading what I’m sharing. Apart from this site, I encourage everyone to study on your own and see what God has to say to you. Please don’t skip that part, it’s a very important aspect!

Knowing the Word

When we begin to get an understanding of the Word, our world becomes more peaceful and we become more content, knowing that our Father is always in complete control, regardless of how it looks to us.

I pray that anyone who reads my submissions will realize that I’m writing it in “LOVE”. Love for God (the Father), Jesus, (God’s son) and the Holy Spirit (who lives in us and guides us) and love for God’s people.

While you may disagree with these interpretations, my only intention is to pass along what I have learned while studying the passages. I believe that we all need to share the knowledge that we have accumulated.

All for God’s glory! Jesus is returning soon!

Your sister in Christ, Debbie

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